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Cute Hamburger Pet Bed

Cute Hamburger Pet Bed

Cute Hamburger Pet Bed

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Are your couches, chairs, and beds covered in Pet fur?

Give Your Pet A Perfect Gift

Hamburger Pet bed is ideal for Cat Rabbit or Small dog and other pets. Small, Medium two size give you to choose, give your furry friend a sublime sleeping space to call their own. Lovely pet bed works well in a bedroom, living room, office, or any other comfortable living space.

Your Pet will never want to leave the Hamburger bed once they have jumped in!

✅ You will never have to worry about where your Pet is hiding away!
✅ This adorable interactive plush Hamburger pet bed will make your Pet feel secure and special. The unique pod type pet bed is calming for Pets - as it provides a secure space to cuddle up and sleep.
✅ Your Pet will love to jump in and out of the Hamburger pet bed, and peek out at unsuspecting passerby's. 👀😸

✅ Open and close the Hamburger bed with easy to use Velcro closures.

✅ 100% exterior and filling, wash with a small gentle cycle.


SMALL SIZE -:  46 cm  (Zipper / Button )

MEDIUM SIZE-: 54 cm ( Zipper / Button )

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