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    i-Scan Portable Scanner

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    Scan Anywhere & Anytime No need to connect with PC or power supply.

    The Instant Portable Scanner allows you to quickly and efficiently scan all important documents and transfer them via USB to any computer. This scanner is completely portable and works from batteries, no wires needed!

    Benefits -:

    • Fast Scanning Speed Only 3 seconds needed for scanning a piece of A4 paper. No need to preheat.
    • Drive Free * Plug and Play Support for Windows 7/XP/Vista and for iOS 10 or higher system. No driver needed
    • HD Emulational Image 300/600/900 DPI is optional. Scanned pictures look like original pictures.

    You can use a document scanner to scan your classmates and teachers' notes. One hour can scan the whole school term's notes and knowledge points. It is portable and small scanner use to scan documents anywhere. More convenient to take in hand or bag.

    1. Can be used for large photos restoration project requiring scanning several thousand old photos
    2. Best gift for your wife to scan recipes at the public library.
    3. For you to scan a family history book and other projects. You can digitize your files, and saving space.


    • Wireless and portable. Carry it anywhere!
    • Ideal to scan books, magazines & newspapers without damaging the pages
    • High scan resolution
    • Three modes: 300/600/900 DPI 

     Shipping -Estimated delivery time 7-20 days