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KeyChain Reading Glasses

KeyChain Reading Glasses

KeyChain Reading Glasses

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 Your glasses are never further than your keys

These lightweight reading glasses fold up and clip to your key ring. 

Losing or forgetting your glasses can be nerve-wracking and a waste of time especially when you need them the most. This wieldy key case keeps your glasses safe and within your reach so that you never lose your glasses and they can always be with you wherever you go.

  • keeping your glasses safe and attached to you wherever you go.
  • Titanium alloy bridge and nylon frame is ultra-flexible and guaranteed to never break 
  • Optical-grade polycarbonate lenses (used for high-end prescription glasses) are crystal clear and do not cause light distortion, providing better visual experience.


Ever try bending your glasses? Of course not! They’d snap like a twig. Not these. They’re made to bend, fold, and twist.

Keychain case. Tuck your glasses into your case and attach them to your keyring. You’ll never be without them again.

Anti-slip nose pads. Hate it when your glasses slide down your nose? Us too! These won’t. They stay where they belong, on the bridge of your nose.

These glasses won’t weigh you down. They’re feather-light. You’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

Easy to use. Just push the bridge into your case until it clicks, then fold the lenses in. To release them, just push up and pull them out

How to Choose -: 45-49 years old: 100 degrees, 50-54 years old: 150 degrees, 55-59 years old: 200 degrees, 60-64 years old: 250 degrees, 65-69 years old: 300 degrees, (The data is for reference )

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