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    Pets Pooper Scooper

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    💩Never touch your Pet's Poop Again Just Scoop The Poop 💩

    Your Pet’s waste is already classified as an environmental pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency. Because of this reclassification of canine fecal matter, dog owners are exercising more responsibility in the management of their pet’s wastes while contributing to the overall cleanliness of the environment.

    As a pet owner, we've all spent our fair share of time picking up after our pet's 💩That's why our Poop Pickup is one of the most convenient tools ever invented for pet owners. It allows you to get rid of their poop using only one hand without worrying about stains or germs getting to you! 

    Key Features:

    • Jagged and sharp serrated teeth
    • Spring-loaded mechanism
    • Lightweight yet durable construction
    • Garbage bag dispenser
    • Easy to use

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